At Tadame Boutique we have a penchant for bold, fresh and trend-driven designers which can be seen through our unique curation of both Australian and Californian star style labels. 

With a focus on comfort dressing, statement prints and sporty detailing,
our stunners give designer streetwear a new sexy.

The physical attributes
of down under

Aussie style, or rather the enviable beach culture in general, is significantly characterized around a healthy body focus.

Styling does not overtake the well-dressed Australian woman. She simply pieces her outfit for a chic, 'fuss-free' approachultimately coining the stunning effect.


So, who's down under it all?

Hi! My name is Kayla Slager, Owner and Head Fashion Babe at Tadame Boutique.

At it's core, Tadame Boutique is first and foremost centralized around you! It all began with wanting to give women more options when it came to differentiating their wardrobe and styling with extremely unique pieces.

At Tadame Boutique we are very focused on our customer and their tastes. We call you "babes" because you truly are. When it comes to fashion, you know what you like. But most importantly, you possess an everyday confidence that's honestly to die for!

Because you are the vital piece to this store, I'd love to connect with you! So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our Facebook Page and introduce yourself. I can't wait to meet you! Until next time, take care.

Kayla Slager, Owner of Tadame Boutique